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Benefits Of Single Tooth Dental Implants


Know more about the benefits of single tooth dental implants. For more information, call 720-575-2800 today!

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Know what to expect from going through dental implant procedure. For more information, call 720-575-2800 today!

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Can Dental Implants Be Completed In One Day?


Learn more about the advantages of same day dental implants, as well as the risks involved. For more information, contact 720-575-2800 to schedule an appointment.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction


If you are committed to keeping your teeth as clean and healthy as possible, you will hopefully enjoy good oral health for many years. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan, and despite our best efforts, we suffer from decay, damage and other dental problems. In some instances, these issues are caused by accident or injury. Sometimes, genetics play a large role in the sustainability of good oral health. Nevertheless, when oral health problems become severe, they can impact the teeth, gums and other structures in your mouth, and when many different aspects of your dental health are compromised, you may require a full mouth reconstruction.

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Symptoms Of An Abscessed Tooth


Dental pain is an extremely common problem, affecting most people at least once a year during their lifetime. One of the main problems with dental pain is that it can manifest in many different ways. Whether a chronic dull ache or acute flashes of searing sharpness. many people state that they find dental pain one of the worst types of discomfort to suffer from.

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Ins And Outs of Gum Contouring


Learn more about Gum Contouring and its importance to our dental health. Call us at 720-575-2800 for more details.

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Help your children avoid cavities


When you help your children avoid cavities, you help protect their health

When you help your children avoid cavities, it does more than save them from needing a filling. Untreated tooth decay can cause serious issues for children including:

Difficulty eating
Issues with speech
Difficulty sleeping

USA Today reports that tooth decay is a major issue for children: 42 percent of kids  between the ages of 2 and 11 have a cavity in one of their baby teeth; and 21 percent of kids between the ages

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How prescription medications affect teeth


Some prescription medications affect teeth; what you need to know

According to the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, nearly half of the U.S. population has taken one or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days. Most drugs come with a range of side effects, and some prescription medications affect teeth.

Though you may have a history of excellent dental hygiene, these five prescription drugs can affect your oral health:

Anti-hypertensive medications

Some medications used to control high blood pressure can cause xerostomia (also known as

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5 ways to protect enamel


Protect enamel with these good oral hygiene habits

There are ways to combat tooth decay and one of them is by protecting enamel. Sstrengthen your enamel naturally and recognize factors that can improve your dental health:

What is enamel?

Enamel is the outer covering or shell of your teeth. It is literally the hardest substance in your body. Even though enamel is tough, the constant wear and tear your teeth go through can erode your enamel. Once the enamel is damaged, tooth decay can

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Smile Restoration with All-on-4


With only four implants, you can achieve a complete smile restoration

Advancements made in dental technology mean that it now only takes four implants to replace an entire row of teeth and achieve overall smile restoration. If you have been looking into replacing missing teeth, you are not alone. Millions of American adults are missing teeth, and one option available is All-on-4 dental implants.

What Is an All-on-4 Dental Implant?

Implants use small screws to securely fit into the jawbone, creating a makeshift

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