Cosmetic Dentistry

Offering cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry and more in Boulder, CO

Straight, white, beautiful teeth are something very few of us are naturally born with. However, thanks to cosmetic dentistry it's easy to improve your smile. Dr. Daniel and his team have extensive experience and skill in performing exemplary, quality cosmetic dentistry procedures that will transform your smile, and the way you feel about it. Whatever your reason for choosing cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Daniel can restore your confidence and give you the healthy, gorgeous smile that you deserve.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, each addressing a different aspect of your smile. In some cases, patients opt to use a combination of these services in order to get the very best results.

Teeth Whitening

Generally, the most economical and popular smile makeover procedure is teeth whitening. Over time, teeth become stained from the food and drink we consume, giving them a yellow or brown tinge. Although there is an abundance of over the counter products claiming to have whitening capabilities, in-office whitening by a professional dentist has been proven to have the best and longest-lasting results. This is because professional-grade bleaching agents are used, and your Boulder, CO dentist has better access for application, giving you consistent results. In-office whitening can take a number of visits, but Dr. Daniel and the team will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you an approximate timeline for your treatment.


If you are unable to achieve the level of whiteness that you desire using bleaching products, or if your teeth are sensitive to the ingredients, you may be recommended to try dental veneers as an alternative. Veneers are fingernail-type shells that are bonded to the external veneer of your teeth.

However, in order to fit them, your teeth will need to be prepped by filing down some of the original enamel, which is normally performed under a local anesthetic. Each set of veneers is custom-created for the patient, meaning that once they are in place they look very natural and can improve the shape as well as the color of your smile.

Dental Implants

It is not just the color of your teeth that can compromise your smile. Many people suffer from broken or decayed teeth that look unsightly and can cause a number of functional, as well as cosmetic problems. In some cases, a patient may even have teeth missing as a result of loss through decay or trauma. Dental implants are an increasingly popular solution for people with these types of dental concerns because they are ultra-discreet and if looked after properly, they could last a lifetime.

Implants are created using a bio-compatible titanium post, which is inserted and fused into the jawbone, creating a virtually unbreakable foundation. The visible portion of the tooth is a color-matched crown, which is attached to the post using an abutment. Using dental implants, you can replace single or multiple teeth, restoring functionality as well as an impressive smile.


Very few of us are blessed with naturally straight teeth and crookedness and misalignment problems are common smile complaints. In the past, traditional orthodontic braces were the primary solution to this problem. However, innovations in the field have led to the creation of Invisalign®, a revolutionary realignment solution that uses a series of transparent liners to guide teeth back into the correct position. Invisalign® is significantly more discreet than traditional braces, and are removable, making it easy to keep on top of a great oral care routine and keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Don’t settle for a smile that you are less than satisfied with. Dr. Daniel and his experienced and knowledgeable team can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams. Make an appointment at our Boulder Dental office to discuss which procedures are right for you.